Tuesday, 1 March 2011

For ladies who insure their cars,
Once we were their superstars;
Girls got discounts on insurance,
 - Much to male annoyance!
For bonzer car insurance ploys,
Girls, line up with the boys!

Now the women at the wheel,
They don't deserve a fairer deal;
Said the court of human rights,
Sent our shareholders to flight;
For bonzer deals on portage,
Girls, get a second mortgage!

Women make the safest drivers,
But the law has moral fibres,
The only option girls, believe us,
Is to call in the receivers,
For bonzer car insurance deals,
Move to Australia, Sheila!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Yesterday I picked up a small typo...

A journalist walked into a doctors and said "Doctor Doctor, my wife told me today I have to see you about my genial warts?"

"Genial warts?" asked the doctor, what have they got to be so affable about?

"Well they are sat on my dick!" exclaimed the journalist.